Dr Hagstrom has over 13 years of experience repositioning teeth with Invisalign.  See if this is the best way to reposition and straighten your teeth with a complimentary consultation with Dr Hagstrom.              619-465-5252


The Invisalign treatment begins with a thorough consultation with Dr. Hagstrom, discussing the many different options the patient will have throughout your treatment.  Invisalign offers an alternative to the conventional metal braces by supplying each patient with a series of clear trays (or aligners) that the patient will switch out every two weeks.  

The aligners are designed to progressively shift the patient's teeth in order to properly align the teeth.  Invisalign is 100% custom fitted to each individual patient and creates identical results to standard braces.  Unlike braces, Invisalign offers patients comfort and ease by providing a transparency that prevents the trays from being noticed.  

Since Invisalign aligners are computer generated; the teeth movements are so precise the actual time of treatment is less than traditional metal braces.  Typical treatment lasts 9-12 months depending on the complexity.  Further, patients are able to take out the trays to eat, brush, and floss; offering not only one of the easiest alternatives to braces, but also amazing results.

There is new evidence to support that teeth that are straight and properly aligned last longer and require less effort to keep the teeth clean.  With all of us living not only living longer, also keeping a full compliment of teeth our entire lives, it is now essential for patients of all ages to have straight, even teeth.

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