Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry for La Mesa and El Cajon, CA

At A Shop for Smiles, we believe in utilizing the latest technologies to provide you with the best possible care. We use laser dentistry in many of our procedures to better serve you.

Dental lasers allow Dr. Richard Hagstrom to target specific tissues in your mouth without affecting the surrounding tissue or teeth. By using laser dentistry, we are able to provide procedures that are even more precise and accurate.

We also use laser dentistry techniques because they lessen bleeding, postoperative pain, and swelling. Lasers are more gentle than other dental tools. When you participate in a laser dentistry procedure, you may require little or no anesthetic. You may also experience faster healing times as well.

We employ lasers in many of our procedures including:

Cosmetic Dentistry

We use lasers in our cosmetic dentistry procedures for gum shaping and contours, providing more aesthetically pleasing results. With lasers, we can perform gum lifts to complement dental veneer procedures. We can also perform gum reductions if you want your teeth to be more visible.

Lasers used in our teeth whitening procedures enhance the effect of the whitening and speed up the reaction time of whitening gels.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Lasers can be used in periodontal disease treatments to selectively remove the diseased or infected tissue lining the pockets around your teeth. Lasers promote faster gum healing and can kill the bacteria that cause periodontal disease.

Some lasers can even help increase circulation and collagen formation at the bottom of your periodontal pockets to help rejuvenate your gums.

Cold And Canker Sore Treatment

Cold and canker sores are usually preceded by a tingling sensation. If you suffer from cold or canker sores, we can use laser dentistry to treat you. Lasers can kill the virus in your skin before it starts and prevent the sore from emerging. A visit to the dentist can preempt that two week healing period you have come to expect.

Take Advantage of Dental Laser Technology

To find out more about our laser dentistry treatments, call our office.