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Dental Bridge Procedure

Missing teeth can be a burden both on the functionality of your teeth and the appearance of your smile. Luckily, these issues can be resolved with a dental bridge. The dental bridge procedure is able to repair not only one missing tooth but multiple by attaching an artificial tooth to surrounding teeth or dental implants.

At A Shop for Smiles – Richard J Hagstrom DDS, we are able to repair a number of different cosmetic dentistry issues. Our dental bridge procedure, for example, is one of our most popular services because it is able to replace multiple missing teeth with ease. Before you contact our La Mesa, California dental office, let our team of qualified experts explain our dental bridge procedure and how it can benefit you.

The Dental Bridge Procedure

The first step of the dental bridge procedure is to prepare the teeth surrounding the missing teeth to be abutments. These abutment teeth are recontoured and a portion of enamel is removed so the bridge can be attached to them to cover the gap caused by a missing tooth. Once these surrounding teeth have been recontoured, a temporary bridge is placed to protect the abutment teeth while the permanent bridge is crafted.

During your follow-up appointment, we will replace the temporary bridge with your permanent bridge. Don’t expect your dental bridge to fit perfectly after one appointment, however. Often times it can take multiple visits before your bridge is securely fit with your bite. Once your dental bridge is secure, Dr. Hagstrom will cement it down to prevent it from moving around.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Once your dental bridge has been placed and is a permanent fixture in your mouth, you will surely begin to notice the many benefits it can present. Some of the benefits of a dental bridge are:

  • Improved Appearance: As mentioned before, missing teeth can be an eyesore that can have harmful repercussions on your self-esteem. Dental bridges are able to fill the gap these missing teeth leaving, allowing for improved appearance.
  • Restored Functionality: Obviously a missing tooth can make chewing and talking difficult, and having a dental bridge placed in its stead can improve these issues and restore functionality to the affected area.
  • Versatile: While dental bridges can be used by recontouring the surrounding teeth, bridges can also be attached to dental implants. This allows for the same improved appearance and restored functionality but without the aid of surrounding teeth.

Contact the Best Dentist in La Mesa, CA

If you are missing a tooth and believe the dental bridge procedure is your best option, Dr. Hagstrom can help determine a treatment plan for you. You can contact our la Mesa, California dental office online or give us a call at 619.465.5252 to schedule an appointment today!

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