Giving Back

Dr. Hagstrom tries to do his part in giving back to the community by helping kids and sports teams. “Helping the kids is very rewarding for all of us. Our commitment to provide assistance for these teams is in keeping with the Mission Statement for our dental practice. It enables us to help create the same team environment and support which we enjoy.”

Smiles For Life

The Smiles for Life Foundation is the children’s charity organization of the Crown Council, an organization of leading dentists throughout North America. Each year for four months, Dr. Hagstrom whitens patients’ teeth and donates 100% of the reduced fee directly to children’s charities.

Through a unique partnership with Garth Brooks and his Teammates For Kids Foundation, the money raised gets distributed directly to children’s charities. The campaign runs from March 1st to June 30th!

Sponsorships and Team Health

Since 2005 we have been an official sponsor of the super energized San Diego Charger Girls! We will be providing the new team members with an even whiter, brighter smile. This year we have had the pleasure of using Zoom 2.5 to brighten all of our lovely ladies’ teeth.

Dr. Hagstrom’s A Shop For Smiles has been an official proud sponsor of San Diego State’s Dance and Cheer teams! We also offer dazzling white smiles for all the beautiful ladies of the squad. This Spring is special because we are also sponsoring the SDSU Aztecs Basketball and Baseball Teams!

Come see the college boys play at Cox Arena and Tony Gwynn Stadium. Look for our sign in right field! You can see them at

Each year, Dr. Hagstrom performs oral cancer examinations for The San Diego Padres Baseball Team. He has counseled many major and minor league players about the risk of oral cancer associated with “spit” tobacco. Many players and coaches have taken his advice and quit!

The Dominican Republic

For the past three years, Dr. Hagstrom has gone to the Dominican Republic to help the poorest of the poor, in an effort to give back. He and his Smiles for Hope team have treated up to 150 patients a day in rural, undeveloped areas of the country. It is a very rewarding experience! Most of these patients live on the $1 to $2 a day they make cutting sugar cane by hand.

Giving Back as a Way of Life

Here at A Shop for Smiles, we want to use our knowledge and talents to help as many people as we can through our daily work and in special projects. We are proud of the work we do to help others.

Call our office and experience the giving nature we offer both you and our community.