Workman’s Compensation

Work-related injuries do not usually involve dentistry, but when they do, it is important your care, treatment, and documentation is handled properly. Dr Hagstrom is a general dentist in La Mesa who has been doing workman’s compensation evaluations, reports, and treatment since 1989.

Dr. Hagstrom is available to treat your workman’s compensation injuries requiring all forms of dental care, including any emergency dental care.

Experience Makes a Difference!

Over the years, Dr. Hagstrom has developed a reputation as the “go to” dentist to fairly evaluate patients for the major worker’s comp insurance carriers. Because dental injuries are rather uncommon, many carriers do not know how to handle these claims.

Dr. Hagstrom works with these insurance carriers to “translate” from dental to medical for them, so they understand what needs to be treated and why. Dr. Hagstrom was one of the first QME’s (Qualified Medical Evaluators) in California.

In the last several years Dr. Hagstrom has provided worker’s comp reviews through NMR Corp, evaluating proposed dental treatment and doing peer-to-peer interviews with the providing dentists to certify the treatment is indeed necessary.

This has given him a unique insight into the proper protocol and allows him to quickly get you the treatment you need and deserve. Our office has a unique ability to evaluate and treat your work- related injuries and to also bill treatment properly, thus developing good relationships with the adjusters.

Claims for Dental Injuries

If you have experienced a dental-related work injury, we would love to help you. We know that these injuries can be painful and scary, and we want you to know that you can rely on us to get the care you need. We realize that compensation is also an issue, and we are skilled at working with insurance companies for great results.

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