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Dental Crown Procedure

Damaged teeth can make chewing difficult and can also be an eyesore.  Luckily, dental crowns are able to repair tooth caps that have been broken, chipped, or otherwise damaged. This isn’t the only use for dental crowns. In fact, crowns are used in both dental implants and dental bridge procedure, as well as in their own dental crown procedure.

Here at A Shop for Smiles – Richard J Hagstrom DDS, we take pride in our top-of-the-line dental crown procedure. Dental crowns present a number of benefits including protecting the root of the tooth or implant, and increasing functionality. Before you contact our La Mesa, California office, let our staff explain our dental crown procedure.

The Dental Crown Procedure

The first step in the dental crown procedure is to prepare the damaged tooth. This often requires removing much of the original tooth structure to ensure the dental crown is attached to a healthy portion of the remaining tooth. If the tooth is exceptionally damaged, the root may need to be removed as well and replaced with a dental implant.

If a dental implant is needed, you may need to wait longer to get your dental crown attached.  This is because the dental implant procedure is more extensive and can require multiple surgeries. Once the implant is embedded, an abutment is attached that will then be used to connect the dental crown to the implant. While dental implants can last decades before needing to be replaced, dental crowns often need to be replaced every 10 years or so.

CEREC Crowns

While many dentists in La Mesa, California use laboratories to craft their dental crowns, here at A Shop for Smiles – Richard J Hagstrom DDS, we are able to craft them in our office the same day of your appointment with CEREC same day crowns.  

Before CEREC, it would take several appointments to place a dental crown. Now, the impressions we take can be used to make the dental crown in our office rather than at a third party laboratory. CEREC also eliminates the need for a temporary crown as you can walk out of your appointment with your permanent dental restoration.

In fact, your appointment time doesn’t even have to be extended with CEREC. It can take as little as 20 minutes for our CEREC machine to mill a high-quality, porcelain dental crown. During this time, we can prep the damaged tooth and get it ready to receive the dental crown.

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As you can see, the dental crown procedure at A Shop for Smiles – Richard J Hagstrom DDS has been innovated greatly thanks to our CEREC machine. You can contact us online or give us a call at 619.465.5252 to schedule an appointment with our La Mesa, California dental office today!

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