Insurance Information

A lot of our patients are confused about their dental insurance, as dental insurance is completely different than medical coverage. First of all, there is an open enrollment period each fall, usually in October or November when employees can change dental insurance plans. Once the plan is changed during open enrollment; the new plan goes into effect usually on January 1 of the New Year.

So what insurances do we take? Good question! We process all insurances where you can choose your dentist. These are generally called PPO or preferred provider plans. Unfortunately, we are not part of any HMO, DMO, or Medi-Cal plans. That coverage requires you to go to a specific dentist on a list.

So as long as you can choose your dentist; we can process your insurance here and get the most out of your insurance benefits. We are in-network with some insurance plans; most notably Delta Dental, Cigna, Aetna, Principal, First Dental Health, etc. insurance. Please note: Just because we are not in-network with your insurance does not mean you cannot use it here. A lot of our patients who are not in-network choose our office because of the relationship they have with Dr. Hagstrom and everyone at A Shop for Smiles. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Dr. Hagstrom has been practicing dentistry in the El Cajon and La Mesa areas for over 30 years now.

Also please note; dental insurance will pay out an annual maximum every year. Generally, that amount is from $1000-$2500 per calendar year. If you do not use that amount it does not roll over to the next year and cannot use that benefit. Hence the saying, “use it or lose it!”
Michelle is our insurance expert and can answer all of your questions regarding your insurance. It is best to call her and talk to her directly and have as much information as you can before you call. She knows who to call and how to find out the best way to utilize your insurance, as Michelle has been here for over 14 years now.

So whatever your insurance needs may be, rest assured that here at A Shop for Smiles, we will do our utmost to make sure that you get as much benefit from your insurance plan as possible.
Please call Michelle for an appointment today so you can get started on keeping your teeth for the rest of your life!