Dental Anxiety Explained

Dental anxiety is more common than you might expect. In its most severe stages, it can keep people from visiting the dentist, increasing their risk for cavities, gum disease, and a variety of other oral health issues. While it’s understandable that visiting the dentist can be a frightening endeavor, it’s also important to understand that there are options to help you feel more comfortable when visiting the dentist.

A Shop for Smiles is proud to provide a sedation dentistry service to those around La Mesa, CA. Dr. Hagstrom and his experienced team recognize that visiting the dentist can rightfully induce some anxiety, so we are happy to offer an option to help you feel more comfortable when you’re visiting our office. Call us today to schedule an appointment! Otherwise, keep reading to learn more about dental anxiety and the oral health risks it can present.

Dental Anxiety Explained

It’s estimated that 9-15% of Americans avoid the dentist out of fear or anxiety. The causes of dental anxiety range widely, in some cases from unpleasant past experiences, and for others simply a lack of control while sitting in the dentist’s chair. While dental anxiety makes going to the dentist an ordeal, the more dangerous alternative is when you stop going altogether.

Some with dental anxiety avoid going to the dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. This can increase your chances for cavities and early stages of gum disease (gingivitis). Even with prudent personal hygiene, your dentist can ensure that you’re on the right track with your oral health. What’s worse, though, is that those with more severe dental anxiety will avoid visiting the dentist even when they’re experiencing a lot of pain. That’s why more dentists are turning to sedation dentistry in order to help those with dental anxiety feel comfortable visiting the office.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

At A Shop for Smiles, you’ll have the option to take an oral conscious sedation tablet before every appointment and procedure. If you choose to take the tablet, it will help you to feel calm and relaxed by the time your appointment begins. You’ll be totally conscious throughout the appointment, but you’ll feel totally at ease.

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