CEREC Dental Crowns

While dental hygiene has improved substantially in the past century, many people still have issues that need to be corrected. Broken or missing teeth, for example, are an eyesore and more Americans suffer from this than you might think. To restore appearance and functionality to broken or missing teeth, CEREC dental crowns may be needed.

While many dental offices must send impressions into a laboratory to have a dental crown crafted, at A Shop for Smiles we are able to do this in office in a single appointment. Using CEREC dental crowns, we can prepare the affected area, craft the CEREC dental crown, and install it in a single appointment, which can save you time and money!

Before you contact us to schedule an appointment at our La Mesa, California dental office, let us fill you in on the benefits of CEREC same day dental crowns.

 What is CEREC?

In short, CEREC dental crowns are a type of CAD/CAM dentistry that allows dental crowns to be manufactured in the dental office rather than a laboratory. Since CEREC dental crowns can be placed in a single appointment, it is less expensive to have a crown placed.

First, an impression must be made to craft the dental crown. This is often done digitally using CT scans, x rays, or light scanning.  Next, the CEREC dental crown will be designed using computer-aided design programs. Finally, the CAD/CAM machine will mill the restoration according to the digital design. Dr. Hagstrom will still need to smooth the final product out before placing it atop your broken tooth.

 Benefits of CEREC Dental Crowns

Because of the simplicity of CEREC dental crowns, they present a number of benefits for patients to take advantage of. Some of the benefits of CEREC dental crowns are:

Fewer Appointments: As mentioned before, since CEREC dental crowns can be crafted and placed in a single appointment, you don’t need to schedule multiple visits to have your dental restoration placed.

Save Money: Fewer appointments means you are able to save money. Additionally, since you don’t have to pay for laboratory work, your bill is often lower than usual.

Restore Functionality and Appearance: As with any dental crown or dental restoration, CEREC dental crowns are able to restore functionality and improve the appearance of a broken or missing tooth. Better yet, crowns can be placed atop dental implants to help replace a completely missing tooth.

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If you are missing a tooth or have a broken tooth that could use a CEREC dental crown, A Shop for Smiles is here to help. You can schedule an appointment online or simply give our La Mesa, California dental office a call at 619.465.5252.