5 Advantages of Invisalign

The American Dental Association has stated that straight teeth are generally healthier teeth. Easier access to flossing, brushing and cleaning leads to healthier gums and enamel, and the structural benefits of straighter teeth can reduce issues like TMJ, tooth grinding and decay as well. Overall, straighter teeth have the ability to improve many areas of our lives including our hygiene, health and self- confidence and should not be overlooked as part of a complete dental plan.

Invisalign trays (our favorite alternative to regular braces) are a popular way for people to straighten their teeth, correct bite imbalances and improve overall dental health. In fact, you’ve probably seen someone wearing these plastic, removable aligners and not even known it! Most people prefer them to traditional braces because they eliminate many of the pains associated with normal orthodontics while still providing excellent dental and cosmetic care.

With this in mind, let’s talk about some of the advantages of Invisalign!

Top Reasons Users Love Invisalign

In the past, adjusting your teeth has been a painful, annoying and time-consuming task. While there are many reasons people prefer their aligners over regular braces, combatting these issues makes the top of the list. Let’s take a look at some of the main reasons users love Invisalign:

     The plastic aligners used during your treatment are removable, so you can continue to eat the foods you love without worrying about damaged brackets or brushing after every meal.

     Aligners are a virtually invisible treatment, allowing you to live normally and comfortably without the pain, hassle and look of metal brackets.

     Removable trays also allow you to brush and floss normally ensuring that dental and periodontal health don’t get overlooked during treatment.

     Invisalign treats a wide range of orthodontic issues like crowding, spacing, overbite, under-bite and cross-bite and often takes less correction time than traditional orthodontics.

     The aligners used to adjust your teeth are made of smooth, custom-fitted plastic rather than harsh metal which often causes sores, lesions and scarring in the mouth. For this reason alone, many people choose Invisalign for their treatment plan!

How to Determine if Invisalign is Right for You 

Without help, choosing the right dental plan can be overwhelming and scary. At A Shop for Smiles, Dr. Hagstrom sits with each patient to thoroughly discuss options and treatment plans so you leave the office feeling confident and excited. He firmly believes that each patient should receive a unique, customized plan and will help you determine if Invisalign is the right fit for you.

If you’re ready to create a beautiful, healthy smile, call A Shop for Smiles at 619-465-5252 to schedule your consultation or contact us here.